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Parkinson’s Disease

I offer high quality therapies for Swallowing Impairments & Speech Intelligibility designed to optimize health and life-fulfillment. 

I am trained in Traditional Swallow Rehabilitation as well as the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program. MDTP is a systematic research-based approach to Dysphagia Treatment. 


Bio-Feedback Technology is also incorporated to increase the effectiveness of swallow exercises


I am trained in “SpeakOut!,” the highly effective speech improvement method developed by Parkinson’s Voice Project. Free weekly group refresher classes are available after completion of the “SpeakOut!” Program.

Parkinsons disease

Head Neck Cancer

It’s important to have Swallow Treatment prior to Radiation and/or Chemo Therapies to maintain one’s ability to swallow and to reduce dependence upon a feeding tube feeding tube both during and after treatment. 

I provide Myofascial Release (or Manual Release). It reduces pain associated with radiation. The latest research indicates that Myofascial Release may reduce the formation of Neck Fibrosis which can contribute to serious swallowing impairment years after cancer radiation.

Hutcheson K, McMillan H, Warneke C, et al. Manual Therapy for Fibrosis-Related Late Effect Dysphagia in head and neck cancer survivors: the pilot MANTLE trial. BMJ Open 2021;11:e047830. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2020-047830

Head neck cancer


Strokes can be devastating and it's not surprising that many complications arise. Stroke survivors often experience difficulties with memory, reasoning and attention span as well as speech and comprehension. I've been very successful treating patients battling these and other issues.


Let me help you through your recovery from stroke with treatments like Melodic Intonation Therapy, Circumlocution Training, Drills in Word-Recall & Semantic Feature Analysis.


Together, we will develop your ability to understand and construct language and rediscover your abilities to interpret those around you and articulate your own thoughts, feelings & desires with clarity and intention.


Does your accent affect how others comprehend you? Are you skilled and talented however have you missed out on promotions you were qualified for because of the challenge of other comprehending your speech? I provide individualized, systematic classes and along with your completion of daily exercises you will see fast results.


A Clinical Swallow Evaluation is completed in my office to determine if a   Swallow Impairment is present. Patients may also be recommended to complete a Modified Barium Swallow Study if further information is required to guide treatment.


I provide the highly effective McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program as well as Traditional Swallow Rehabilitation. 


Bio-Feedback Technology is available and often incorporated to increase the effectiveness of exercises.


Accent Modification

Have you been overlooked at work because others struggle to understand what you're saying? I can help you.  I will create a custom treatment program just for you. As you progress through my systematic series of tailored speech classes, you'll be astounded as your command of the American Accent takes off. Sign up today and big results will be right around the corner.

learning the amercian accent
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